About Us

Since 1948, the United Way of Fayette County has served the community by providing funding for local organizations that serve the health, education, and basic needs of our neighbors. Today, the UWFC is run exclusively by volunteers and we pay no salaries.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Donate.

Your contribution will be used to aid families in need, promote health and well-being, support education that leads to gainful employment, fight drug addiction, and otherwise put to good use in Fayette County.

We work to empower members of our community to achieve their human potential by:

  • Improving education and reducing the number of school drop-outs.
  • Helping people get on the road to financial stability.
  • Promoting healthy lives and reducing risky behaviors.
  • Providing for basic needs.

Our board consists of a group of volunteers with the passion, expertise and commitment to make a difference. United Way of Fayette County grants funds to LOCAL nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated success in addressing the most pressing issues of our community while positively impacting forward movement and change.

We need your help and invite you to join us whether as a donor, advocate or volunteer. UWFC is committed to meeting the challenges our community faces . Together, we can make a difference. Donate today!

LIVE UNITED and see how easy it is to bring hope to those who are in need.